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Drupal SEO Services

Get Best-in-class SEO services for your Drupal site starting at $1,499/mo.

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Drupal Search Engine Optimization
How Can We Improve Your Google Ranking?

We have a full in-house Drupal SEO and development team. That's why we're the best Drupal SEO company.


Drupal SEO
Not just relying on modules

Sure you can install the "go-to" Drupal SEO modules, but they don't do the work for you. They won't magically rank your site. You have to know SEO in order to get the most out of them. With over 15 years of SEO Marketing Strategy experience and solid scientifically collected data, as expert Drupal consultants, we know exactly what to do to improve your site's ranking in search engines. 


Science-Based SEO
We use scientifically proven methods.

You won't find any Guess-SEO here. All of our techniques and methods are backed by scientific single variable testing, as SEO specialists, we know exactly what factors will rank you higher and what factors will demote. We also employ the best SEO measurement and reporting tools available so we can make decisions based on data rather than assumptions.


Tracking and Reporting
Armed with Intelligence to make better decisions.

Most website owners have no idea what keywords their website ranks for, how their rankings change, or how and when Google algorithms change. We track that information religiously. It provides us with insights so we can quickly change course, make adjustments, strategize, and apply pressure where needed to continue increasing your search engine rankings.


Drupal for Local SEO
Break into the Map Pack

As a Drupal SEO specialist, know what it takes to rank your GMB (Google My Business) listing in the top 3 Map Pack. If you're competing for local map rankings, our SEO specialists can adjust your search engine marketing strategy to dual-focus on map ranking and natural organic ranking to help get your phone ringing. 


We're Drupal Experts
Over 12 years of Drupaling

At Drupal Aid, we support over 200 clients spanning dozens of industries. We know Drupal inside and out, so working with your Drupal site will be second-nature for us. We are an expert in-house Drupal SEO services and Drupal website support company that can provide you with a complete digital strategy and consulting under one roof.


100% Guaranteed
No Risk Trying Us Out

We back our Drupal SEO services with a 2-Month, 100% money-back, search engine ranking increase guarantee. If we can't increase your website's ranking in Google within 2 months, then we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.

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Why you need
Drupal SEO Services

If your site isn't already ranking #1, then there is a problem with your website. Plain and simple as that. As the leading Drupal SEO company, we have a scientific and strategic approach to determining the problems and properly fixing them.

We know that SEO and Digital Marketing agencies are a dime a dozen, so why choose us? Well, as Drupal Support and Drupal SEO experts, we know how to use Drupal to our advantage and how to get it to rank better in search engines.

More often than not, you have issues with your on-page optimization, which requires speed-tuning, markup adjustments, URL and metatag tweaks, and content optimization. 95% of our time is spent incrementally tuning and testing until the desired search engine rankings are achieved. 


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SEO Audit Only

$ 1,199

One-time SEO Audit

Actionable SEO Worklist

SEO Ranking Report

Multiple Targets


Custom-tailored plan

Targeting for multiple keyword families

Discounted single target rate



* Single target pricing is based 15hrs/mo @$100/hr which is enough time to get a reasonable amount of work done and generate a conservative upward movement. Est 2-6 months for movement, varies on your competition. Of course, you can choose a custom plan to put in more hours per month. Obviously, the more time you put in, the faster you will see results.


All Drupal SEO Plans Include

We're an expert Drupal SEO company of consultants and specialists offering the following SEO services with all of our plans.

  • Installation/Configuration of SEO modules
  • On-Page Content Optimization
  • Markup Optimization
  • URL Optimization
  • Drupal Speed Optimization
  • Content Development Strategy
  • Link Profile Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Backlink Aquisition
  • Google Analytics/Search Console configuration
  • Monthly SEO reporting
  • & much more

We Are Drupal Aid
Your Drupal SEO Experts

Focus on your business without worrying about Drupal or your SEO. You get access to the world's best Drupal SEO experts at your fingertips.


We're Passionate about Every Site
Doing the work we love to do

We do Drupal and SEO on a daily basis. We love fixing Drupal SEO problems and taking care of your SEO issues.


We're Drupal Professionals
We've been working with Drupal for over 12 years

From basic Drupal sites, to enterprise size sites, we've seen them all, and we enjoy working within every facet of Drupal.


We're Willing and Able
Available When You Need Us

From email to chat, having a Drupal SEO expert and specialist Drupal consultant at your beck and call is priceless.


We're Experienced
Pittsburgh Based, in business 18 years

Drupal Aid is a service provided by 2440 Media (, a Pittsburgh-based web design firm started in 2002.


How does a
Drupal SEO campaign work?

Our SEO process is simple to understand, but tedious to accomplish.

Every SEO Plan Begins with a thorough Audit.

Make sure you have an audit done. Our SEO Specialists check all aspects of your website's optimization: on-site structure and architecture, content optimization, current rankings, competitors, site speed, sites errors, broken links, mobile problems, everything.

It's important that we have a clear understanding of where you are before we can plan where to go. SEO audits have been known to reveal many surprises, both good and bad, about the sites we audit. That's why SEO Audits are a critical first step when starting an SEO Marketing campaign with a new Drupal SEO Agency.

Do your Audit Worklist.

From your audit, our in-house SEO consultants generate a worklist report which is essentially a roadmap of all the things our Drupal developers need to fix or SEO experts need to adjust. It could include fixing on-page problems, schema, speed, proper internal linking, CRO, etc.

We'll immediately tackle the quick wins first to gain faster search engine ranking results. Then our SEO specialists continuously work on the remaining items for as long as they take until we see ranking improvements in the search engines.

Acquire Links.

Gone are the days where spammy backlinks solved all problems. We only prescribe backlinks when necessary and the types of links we acquire can vary based on what you need to rank in search engines.

Repeat Until #1

Our process is based on constant auditing and tuning. Google takes time for our changes to take effect, plus we also have to account for competitor changes and algorithm changes, so we constantly have to audit and flow with the sea of change.

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